The Parent Educator Resource Center (PERC) is dedicated to strengthening the educational process of the children in our community.  The PERC works cooperatively with the Boys & Girls Club of Pleasants County, parents, educators and the community to encourage parental involvement and to support and enhance the educational, social, physical and emotional well-being of children.

Who Are We?
Our PERC Team is made up of a parent and the Director of Special Programs.
Teresa Knight
Parent Educator Resource Coordinator

Kim Kehrer
Director of Special Programs
Pleasants County Schools

What does our Center do?  We…

  • serve as an information and referral source for needed services that are in our community;
  • provide training for parents and promote an understanding of the special education process in our Special Education/Title I programs;
  • provide support for parents of children with special needs, as well as all school-aged children’s parents;
  • maintain a resource library of lending materials—including videos—for parents and teachers;
  • provide information regarding education rights and responsibilities; and
  • promote a working relationship between parents, educators, and our community.


  • Promote parental involvement
  • Provide prompt and appropriate assistance for parents in need
  • Diminish adversarial relationships between parents and educators

Lunch Buddies
Lunch Buddies is a mentoring program developed by the PERC Coordinator.  Selected students from St. Marys and Belmont Elementary Schools are matched with a community-member who eats lunch and spends recess with the student one day a week throughout the entire school year.

If you would like to receive more information about the Parent Educator Resource Center, please call us at 304-684-7643.

The Parent Educator Resource Coordinator is located in the
Boys & Girls Club office at the Jim Spence Center.

Location & Mailing Address:
605 Cherry Street   Suite 101
St. Marys, WV  26170